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Our extensive in-house knowledge facilitates the development of leading products for the global biofuel industry. 

Yeast Products

To assist you in identifying which yeast products may be suitable for your desired application, please refer to the online Product Information sheets for Summit and Fali-branded yeasts.

Led by our ethanol dry yeast, a premium solution for the biofuel industry featuring: maximum alcohol yields, wide pH performance range, high ethanol and temperature tolerances and high viability in direct pitch applications.

Summit Ethanol Dry Yeast Product Information Sheet Summit M Active Fresh Yeast Product Information Sheet

Specialized yeast strains produced to ensure outstanding performance in ethanol production featuring: optimal alcohol output, wide pH performance range, high ethanol and temperature tolerances, high viability in direct pitch applications and broad application with multiple substrates.

Fali Bioethanol Yeast (Grain) Product Information Sheet Fali M Active Dry Yeast
Product Information Sheet

If you require assistance in choosing a yeast strain please contact our expert technical sales advisors:


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